The Walking Dead: The Survivor Stories

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Re: The Walking Dead: The Survivor Stories

Post by Thade on Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:57 pm

"Just kill him Jon.  It isn’t worth it.  Not anymore."
   - Roxanne Salem

Name: Roxanne Salem


Age: 20

Equipment: Clothing, food, water, and a limited amount of medicine.  A claw hammer, $126 cash, a six shot revolver and ammo, a commandeered house, and a tan Corolla (dead.)

Personality: A silent intensity accentuated by brief moments of fear and loss of control. A bitter and cynical persona prevents most from getting close.

Skills: Quick thinking and intelligent, isn’t afraid of risks.  Stubborn as a nail.


Zodiac: Scorpio

Relationships and Bio:
Roxy maintains a complicated and often strained relationship with her step-brother Jon, who, despite his best efforts, still struggles to understand her.  For two years following the death of her mother, Roxy lived only with Jon and his father.  During this time, she isolated herself from the both of them, a behavior which continued after she left for college, majoring in criminal psychology before near total societal collapse.


"Roxy… That wasn’t supposed to happen.  None of this... none of this was supposed to happen."
   - Jonathan Blackacre

Name: Jonathan Blackacre


Age: 20

Equipment: Clothing, food, water, and a limited amount of medicine.  A kitchen knife, $350 cash, a hatchet, a commandeered house, and a tan Corolla (dead.)

Personality: Persistent and loyal to a fault, his diplomatic demeanor makes him the more reasonable of the pair.  However, his optimistic qualities have put him in more than a few difficult situations.

Skills: Generally good social skills, knows how to get what he wants from those around him.  A quick study, and not one to give up except in the worst of circumstances.


Zodiac: Gemini

Relationships and Bio:
Jon’s parent’s divorced shortly after his birth, his mother’s drug habit causing full custody to be granted to his father.  His father was a complicated man himself, and Jon’s interactions with him were always doublesided.  His father remarried when Jon was in his teens, and he found himself with a step-sister who seemed to avoid him like the plague for reasons he was always suspicious of.  After she accused him of coming on to her on more than one occasion, he gave up his attempts to form a meaningful relationship.  He majored in mathematics pre-apocalypse.

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Re: The Walking Dead: The Survivor Stories

Post by Haydenn on Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:57 pm

NAME: Simon Petrikov

AGE: 38

NATIONALITY: Born Russian, naturalized American.

RACE: Russian

SKILLS: Simon knows his skill set. He was an electrical engineer. He can tell you just about anything regarding electricity. Simon can think on his feet, and is a very logical person. He lacks many combat skills, however he feels confident enough with small caliber weapons. Simon can also drive stick.

WEAPONRY: Simon spent the early days of the outbreak with a friend from work, named Pete, who lent him a small Beretta pistol. He has no ammunition left. Simon uses a small ax for his weaponry needs.

VEHICLE: Petrikov currently drives a 2002 Ford Taurus with a dented back bumper. The car is navy blue.

BIOGRAPHY: Simon Petrikov was born to Oksana Onipchenko-Petrikov and Avgust Petrikov in a tiny village named Belaya Polana. This village was argicultural, and those living there all lived life on the farmlands. Simon is not a physically strong person, and never had any inclination to become so. As a child, he was constantly ridiculed based on his disinterest towards what the town's status quo consisted of.

When Simon was 9, his parents inherited a great sum of money from a family member never disclosed to Simon. The family packed up and moved to the United States, Dallas specifically. Simon henceforth lived a rather bland childhood. He graduated from GIT with a degree as an electrical engineer. After much job searching, he settled in Mansfield, Louisiana, and took charge of a local power plant.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Simon stayed with his coworker & friend, Pete. After a month or so, Pete met an untimely demise, inches from Simon's previously innocent eyes. His first and last trip to Shreveport after the outbreak. Simon set off in his car at that point, wandering the back roads of his state, looting entire small towns without a trace of humans, living or dead. Simon, unfamiliar with the Louisianian geography, has quickly become lost, however the last town he remembers seeing was called St. James.

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