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Post by Megantron on Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:51 pm

Welcome to the Madhouse

Welcome to the Madhouse Dassda

On the night of June the 6th in infamous St. Fable's Home of the Mentally Insane, John Dough was murdered in his sleep. With his limbs broken clean off, St. Fable's was now home to not only patients, nurses, and orderlies, but to a police investigation as well. The corridors had been turned upside down, making even the most sane person in the asylum go just a little bit mad...

Case File no. 772
Patient Name: Ruby Hoode
Condition: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Symptoms: Nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, irritability, wariness around strangers, physical aggression.

Notes: When first admitted under our care, Ms. Hoode proclaimed that she had been attacked by a pack of wolves during a family summer camping trip. She says that ever since then, she has visions of wolf eyes watching her and will even confuse strangers as being a "big, bad wolf" coming to eat her. This causes her to lash out at strangers.

We were given a police report of the incident in question, which confirmed my suspicions. There were no signs of an animal attack anywhere on Ms. Hoode's physicality or within the area she says she was attacked. There were, however, signs of a human attack. Ms. Hoode's brain has replaced her memory of being attacked (possible sexual abuse) by a man or group of men with a pack of wolves.

Ms. Hoode will be under our care until further notice.

Ruby Hoode

The morning after John's death was strange. Ruby was, for the most part, locked away in her room as police investigators came in and out of the building. All of the strangers would not be good for Ms. Hoode's treatment. After Mr. Dough's room was fully swept through and all possible evidence was taken, Ruby was allowed out of her room for evening meal.

The other patients in the common areas--at least, the ones who could communicate--whispered amongst themselves about who could have done it. Who could have murdered John Dough? Ruby could not shake the terrible pit in her stomach telling her that another patient was going to be next, and it would be soon.

She scanned the entire room, searching for any kind of suspicious behavior from not only the other patients, but the orderlies, as well. There was poor Gretta, a girl who was perhaps just as traumatized as Ruby. Gretta was a new transfer, and so Ruby did not know much about the girl, but she considered her a possible friend.

Markus de Giles. Ruby did not like him. She thought of him as a snake. He spoke of himself often and a lot of the more dimwitted patients ate up every word. He consistently had a group around him hanging on to his every word. The orderlies absolutely hated him for he always treated them as though they were his subjects. Nurse Heart was no exception. Markus would get into power struggles with the Head Nurse, but to no avail. The Nurse had actual subjects under her authority while Markus had nothing but his complex and a couple of patients that couldn't do more but blow raspberries on themselves. Ari Zaman, another patient, had an imaginary friend. Somehow, Ruby was jealous for she didn't have as great a friend as Ari's "Jinn".

Ruby looked over at the orderlies and guards in the room. Ruby didn't know much about any of them, and to some extent, she feared them and the power they had over her. Mr. Jackson "Jack" Todero had a nice enough face. She probably tolerated him the most. Then there were Chester Sonreir and Aesop Caxton. Ruby despised them both. The patients were not in their best interests. Both men were vile and cruel in their own ways. Ruby was just glad they had not set their sights on her. Yet.

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Welcome to the Madhouse Empty Re: Welcome to the Madhouse

Post by Nexeria on Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:46 pm

Ari Zaman

Ari sat hunched over with his back against the wall and held a rusty brass oil lamp close to his chest. Gripping it tightly by the handle with one hand while lightly rubbing the frame with the other, Ari scanned the room keeping a watchful eye for any potential thieves. The news of John Dough's death sent his mind racing with paranoia. He couldn't help but wonder if the killer was among him. Perhaps, the murderer was looking for Jinn and ended up in the wrong room. Ari shuddered at the thought.

"Jinn, please talk to me," Ari whispered to his lamp, begging it for some kind of response. "It's been three days since we last spoke. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to take your silence."

The lamp doesn't reply.

Ari sighed and began gazing around the commons. His eyes locked on Ruby Hoode, he smiles at the sight of her. Her beauty was unparalleled in comparison to the other patients. Even on the days her hair was a frazzled greasy mess, she managed shine a light right through the crowd. Perhaps it was a light only Ari could see, he thought to himself. He raised his right arm to wave at her, but stopped about halfway into the motion after realizing he'd have no idea what to say to her if she came over.

Instead, he placed his hand upon the lamp and stared blankly into the distance praying that Jinn would speak to him soon.

Aesop Caxton

Aesop stepped into a barren room previously occupied by the patient John Dough. The days prior he had spent his time answering the detective's questions regarding John Dough and his whereabouts during the murder. Mr. Caxton told the police he wasn't present in the facility at the time of the murder, it was his night off so he hadn't shown up to clock in. As for the kind patient the victim was, Aesop told the officers that Mr. Dough was "a very troubled man." Although, Aesop saw fit to withhold the information regarding his involvement in John's 'troubles' since arriving at the asylum. There was just no need to mention the time he had deceived another patient into attacking John, resulting in John ending up in the infirmary for three weeks while the other patient was locked in solitary for two months.

Scanning Mr. Dough's room, Aesop's eyes fixated on a tiny speck of dried blood stained into the corner of the room. Aesop tilted his head, losing himself in thoughts of how horribly he mistreated John.

"Hehehe..." Aesop chuckled, before quietly telling himself, "No, this can't come back on you. You had nothing to do with this."

Aesop hurried out of the room as to not look suspicious and made his way to the commons.


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