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Post by Panzer Lancer on Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:12 pm

Panzer Lancer presents to you an RP where you will be killed. Over, and over again. And yet, you will never truly die:

City of Perfection IBMAYxT



How many years has it been?

Nobody remembers.

When the Great War consumed us?

Nobody needs to remember.

And the Great Plague ravaged our remnants…

Nobody wants to remember.

And yet, since then humanity has come so far.

Because nobody remembered.

They've finally achieved it. Utopia, a land without pain, hunger, suffering, or disease.

Because nobody remembers.

A land where perfection is law. Where all is orderly and beautiful, and no sin remains.

Nobody remembers such flaws.

A perfect world, where imperfection does not exist.

For what use is it to be remembered?

Yes, because we don't exist.


3471, Dongjing. Perhaps humanity's last pillar of civilization. Perhaps it is but one of many in the apocryphal wasteland that is now Earth. Yet what a pillar it is; the skyscrapers reach beyond the heavens, blessed by the eternal sun, and the purity of form and refinement. It is a masterpiece of the builders, as with the society inscribed perfectly by its appearance. There is no disease, no suffering, and only happiness and joy to be felt by the people of these lands. The working routine, the industry, everything flows in perfect harmony with nature itself, and a thriving utopia where none suffer has existed since the Great War.

This is the fate of the people. The Pure. But what of us, the unseen. The unheard. The Corrupted? We too, live our lives in the streets of Dongjing. We know of its progress and perfection. We can sense it. We can see it. But we cannot feel it. We cannot experience it. For such was not created for us, the ones who bear the sin of knowledge. What is left for us is but the rubble of the plague, and our accursed streets and world exist directly to perfection, only for our struggles to be unheard. We have learned that to survive, there is but one thing we can do. Become stronger.

We are cursed. We are flawed. A fate that we did not choose, to be martyred for the good of the living. Yet we are gifted. For so long as our genes may be retraced upon the network, our data will recreate our existence. But with each death, our gene strands grow shorter. Until they are completely clipped, and our existence become feral. Where the one thing that we are left to cherish - our minds - are lost, and our bodies nothing more than the mindless beasts the have infested the slums. Yet, we can strengthen our genes. For we, and all of us, hunger for the genes of others. That is why we kill. To take their genes. To become stronger. To survive.

And reclaim this city that is rightfully ours.

Will you stop at nothing to become Pure?


Notes on the RP:

  • Interaction cannot occur between the Pure and the Corrupted. Although most of the visible populace of Dongjing is Pure, anything you do to them - contact, speech, even violence - will not warrant a single response, physically or personally. Of course, you can't interact with the people, but...

  •  Your genetics are saved in the network system as data, which can be accessed at registered COMPs. Although your genetics will be saved and  can be retraced, use of the network system to re establish your existence will lead to a bug that strains the data packets, leading to a loss of data and making you weaker every time it is used for such a purpose. However, other uses, such as adding the genetic data of defeated foes into your collection to make yourself stronger, will invoke no such strain. It appears this bug only occurs during re-establishment.

  •  In layman's terms, it means you can die all you want, but every death will gradually cause your strength, mind, and sanity to fade away, until the breaking point (which won't exist for player characters) where the remnants of your data are used only to re animate a mindless beast made from the remains of your unstable genetic data.

  •  When you die, trace amounts of our genetics will be left from where you had met your fate, giving you an opportunity to reclaim them, so long as they were not absorbed by another party...

  •  To the Corrupted, genetics are currency, food, and power. They may be converted into extremely useful and monstrous abilities that far surpass human capacity, depending on the data strain. Use, and spend them, wisely. (You can obtain genes to shoot lightning from your hands like a mage / star wars bad guy, you can obtain the genes to jump as high as a skyscraper without getting murdered by the thereafter gravity, the possibilities are limitless!)


Possible Starting Locations:

  • Cathedral Ruins (Once, it was said that mankind placed their faith beyond the heavens, and worshiped the models of perfection. Until they had reached perfection themselves. These vast ruins stand monument to that legend.)

  • Pacific Gateway (The grand port that leads into either the abyss or paradise beyond the wasted seas. We may never know, for humanity has all but abandoned the site and hope for the outside, in its isolation and satisfaction.)

  • Lost Ghetto (A city lost to the plague, and forgotten by the Pure. It is an all-encompassing area smaller still to Greater Dongjing, yet its skyscrapers are ruined by erosion and time, and what once reached the heavens now struggle to stand.)

  • Lower Dongjing (The underground city that exists underneath Dongjing proper. A prosperous area by Corrupted standards, but heavily polluted and dangerous, with disease and murder rampant, covered by eternal darkness. It serves as a stronghold of the Corrupted mass.)

  • Network Capital (A mesmerizing area accessed by both the Pure and the Corrupted, made famous by the bright lights that fill the streets. It appears as though even to the Corrupted, information and entertainment is valued moreso than genetics themselves.)





Starting Appearance:

Starting Location:


Survival Style: (Or, also known as combat style. Using old styles, like swordfighting and archery, are extremely viable and sometimes even stronger than conventional futuristic means such as guns due to enhanced genetics! So no fret, it's a fusion of old and new in this here RP. Anything's fine so long as it's carried out right.)

Starting Gene Preference: (You are free to be more liberal on this one. Basically, any 1 superhuman ability for now. Don't make it overpowered, however, and try to be reasonable and balanced. It's a preference, after all, so I'll be inclined to change it at will if I feel it's unreasonable.

Questions can be directed at me via PM or Skype, regarding anything from the concept to character creation. Although I will not spoil things for you, so I will be vague if it's a story based question.

Note from the OP: See, I love RPs where the threat of danger and death per post is very real, but at the same time death is too much of a punishment oft times and kills the RP. So I thought, why not make death both very real, and somewhat inconsequential! This way, I can enjoy murdering my RP'ers without a second thought, and they can come back in full force without worry of being basically ejected from the story, while being able to experience a no-hands-held RP style to the fullest.



Panzer Lancer

DNA Registered - Players:

Carlyle Hennegin
The sole survivor of an earlier expedition in the Cathedral Ruins; records show he has encountered the Templar Knight and a Dark Hunter. Templar Knight is currently being rebuilt; migrations have skyrocketed in the region during this period. An experienced fighter, but very much twisted. Obsessed with the Cult of Fire. Cathedral Technician's assessment is unfavourable; Persistent, but unreliable. Asks too many questions.

Unstable and inconclusive; a rare anomaly created by the system from fragments of those who have lost their voices. Action regarding this case is uncertain; eradication and erasure of the data is one option, but the research opportunity cost would be too great; given our statistics, he will not be the last anomaly of the system. Server maintenance has been requested.

Ingvar Jarisleifsson
A Corrupted barbarian that hails from the north... Likely on the North Sea, near the ruins of Hanguan... The Hanguan region of the North Sea, however, has proven to be inhospitable since the Great War; areas further north are outside scanning range; information is outdated and likely unreliable. Allowing nomads into Dongjing can prove dangerous for the city's long-term well-being. I bid the system reconsider allowing him entrance.

Product of Fae; illegal company headquartered in Lower Dongjing. Fae no longer exists; Kay is the last functional product. All other products have become unusable and obsolete. Currently confiscated; scheduled for recycling during the next quarter. Linked to Lillith, and been scanned accordingly; No trace of Lilin DNA.

Salvek Correntius
Dongjing immigrant; Hails from the west. Entered Dongjing accompanying two females; the younger of the two is likely his daughter, given their similar gene sequences. They were accepted by the City, Salvek was rejected; now a blacksmith dealing in ancient weaponry. Professional and objective in business, has become a reliable provider and likewise, earned immunity from many hunter groups. Be wary of his desire to be Pure; may prove a danger to the system if not dealt with accordingly.

Sam Diamandiis
Dongjing native; grew up in the poor district of Lower Dongjing. Experienced in urban matters, and has proven to be quite adaptable in the face of many a scenario. Has earned a reputation for professionalism amongst the Corrupted; liked by employers for not asking too many questions.


And of course, just to spice things up a little...

Death Counter:

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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Snœflæk on Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:21 pm

Name: Carlyle "Wick" Hennegin

Age: 27

Starting Appearance: Carlyle wears the same tunic he did 4 years prior, yet now it is far different. No more do the religious symbols of the church cover its silk; replaced by armored plates, like scales. On his belt he has 4 vials filled with quicksilver.
As he had created a helm and gauntlets for himself, he had since done much more, donning armor on nearly his entire body. He still wears the gauntlets and helm which he had crafted so many years ago... and in a way, they have held up better than he himself has.

On his back he carries Sweihander, a memento reminding him the dangers of being corrupted.

Carlyle's face has changed. No more does he wear those naive eyes; they are filled with religious fervor now. No longer is he young; he has seen too many horrors. His face is gaunt, making him appear older than he is.

Starting Location: Pacific Gateway

Biography: Carlyle and his "party" continued their quest in the Cathedral, albeit for a short while. Without making it that far into the ruins proper, they were ambushed. Carlyle watched in horror as his comrades were murdered where they stood. Not only that, but they seemed to continually reanimated on the spot possibly by an unseen terminal, only to be struck down again.
and again.

Like his parents.

It was then that he realized the truth. The Church had killed his parents, and all those he had known as "friends".

But they ignored him.

By the time he had again become the master of himself, they had finished their work, and began to trot off.

The next couple months were a blur, he had no idea what was to happen. Despite this, he continued to the Cathedral in hopes of uncovering the reasoning for these attacks.
That was not to be. For he learned too much in those months than he could handle.
He fled the ruins, wandering from place to place.

Until he was found.

He saw the light, the light of Alexia, shining down on him. He saw now the corruption of the church, and the sins of the pure. And now vowed to bring the faith back to its origin, back to its truth.

And to make sure that the pure would suffer like he has....

Survival Style: The art of the polearm: Carlyle is skilled with spears and polearms of all kinds.

Starting Gene Preference:

The Flames of Solarus:
Much time has passed, and in that time Carlyle has learned to control his gene ability. In the process, he learned more of it and its origins. He has come to understand, to comprehend, and to worship with a renewed purpose.

He has been blessed by the great goddess Alexia with the flames of Solarus

He now uses the fires for rituals more than anything else. Although, if a situation requires he will use it if an enemy advances too close to where his spear is useless.

The major use of the flames is Consecration. A ring of holy fire approximately a decametre in diameter. Its flames give off a healing aura, and a sensation of peace to those of a sound mind and body (sane), but inhibits and infuriates beasts (insane, completely)
it is said it is blessed by Alexia herself....

He recognizes the volatility of his power, and as such limits his use of it.

*The following is out of date. It will be amended in due time*
Argent's Will:
Argent god of silver and metallurgy, the 5th Vassal.
Carlyle, being blessed by him, has the ability to physically manipulate metal (more easily Silver and Mercury than anything else).

Carlyle 'solidifies' metal, making it like silver (it has the same melting and boiling points as silver) He can solidify metal under his persuasion as long as it is within 1 decametre of him.
Carlyle has minimum to negate-able persuasion over metal in this form, less the farther it is from him.

When it exits his persuasion, 1 decametre, it reverts to the metal's original physical traits (if mercury, it instantaneously liquefies)

Carlyle 'liquefies' metal, making it like quicksilver (it has the same melting and boiling points as mercury) He can liquefy metal under his persuasion as long as it is within 1 metre of him.
Carlyle has the most persuasion over Quicksilverform metals than silverform ones. This persuasion still lessens the closer the liquid gets to the 1 decametre mark. When it reaches that mark, unless the metal is mercury, it instantaneously solidifies. This produces a very loud sound.

Metal liquefied or solidified by this power are not heated nor cooled, rather their physical properties become that of quicksilver and silver, respectively.

While Carlyle can use any metal with this ability, it is much easier for him to use silver and quicksilver initially. Less effort.

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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Panzer Lancer on Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:36 pm

Cult of fire, I like that.

You may be seeing more of Alexia.

But fix your submission a bit, you once wrote Solaris and then wrote Solarus.
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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Fi Skirata on Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:39 am

Name: No given name

                          ~   "Fang"

Age: Actual experience and age equivalent to a man in his 30's
                        ~   Approx. 18 months

Starting Appearance: CLICK FOR APPEARANCE, The construct known as Fang wears bastardized religious garb, has unnaturally pale pigment, and eyes that glow on contact with data.

Starting Location: Lost Ghetto

Biography: What is it you think happens when the data registered in a COMP grows so corrupted it can't even produce a mindless beast? The data compounds. Fragments of dozens of once-people, fragments stacking until they create a whole. Those That Do Not Exist.

"Fang" is one of Those. A being produced from a COMP from the data of many individuals. With no past, and no memories, beings formed this way frequently turn feral. "Fang" is among those that retain their humanity. A greedy, murderous animal of man, seemingly motivated entirely by the prospect of acquiring more data.

"Fang" seems to have some prevalent fondness for religious artifacts, a left over from the personality of one of the beings that he is made up of. He is mistrustful of others, and only respects the strong, or those that can help him in his goals.

Survival Style: A martial style focusing on using his own limbs and simple sword in battle, some mix between brutal street fighting and maiming his foe with a blade. Fang's methods of attack seem to be an amalgamation of skills from many styles, like fragments of the styles of the people that make up his existence.

Starting Gene Preference:

  • Sadistic Will: Upon being dealt fatal wounds, even to the extent of being dismembered, Fang's sheer bloodthirst and determination allow  him to continue to live with mortal wounds. This only forestalls death, not preventing it, after some brief period of time between seconds and minutes, Fang will succumb to his wounds.

    During the state of Sadistic Will, Fang is capable of ignoring pain, as his death is already assured. It is possible that he can be healed from this state to survive, but his bloodthirst prevents him from healing himself.

City of Perfection Sig
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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Mr. Fountain on Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:31 am

Name: Ingvar Jarisleifsson

Age: 24

Starting Appearance: His blood, wounds, and eyes turn white and glow when he mutates. (Click here.)

Starting Location: Lost Ghetto

Biography: Ingvar is the only son of a great Kjarnöri - a faith that glorifies bloodshed and battle - priest and religious leader named Jarisleif. Ingvar comes from a great - and largely unknown - land to the north. It is said that it is a place so cold that the blood stays frozen on the ground forever. 

His father, having seen the great potential that Ingvar had within him, sent his only son to be instructed by the greatest warriors available to them. His mentors were people that claimed to have fought against members of the Warmyre themselves and lived. Ingvar was taught how to wield and use a great plethora of weapons, but above all, he was taught how to improvise - how to use only what he was given and how not to depend on the weapons he carried too much. 

Ingvar returned home after he had become a man but only to find that his father and tribe had moved on without a trace. The young man - having nothing else to return to and nothing to cling on to but his father's faith - wandered aimlessly for a long time until he came across the great city of Dongjing. He quickly learned that death did not mean here what it meant out there. Taking this into account, Ingvar realized that he could be far more liberal with his gift...

Survival Style: Ingvar is skilled with many weapons - mostly small bladed weapons such as hand axes and short swords. Above all, though, he has been trained to improvise constantly to keep his enemies - and himself - on their toes.

Starting Gene Preference: 

  • The Thirst of Kjarnör: A blessing bestowed only to the children born of the most devout to Kjarnör also known as He Who Wields the Mountainblade, the Bloodlord, the Skullking, Father of Fire, the God-Captain of the Warmyre, and many other names. People who are blessed with this power are said to be destined to become great and powerful beings - to spread Kjarnör's will across great portions of the world and fight for the glory of his name.

    The blessing gives the wielder the power to take in the essence of their foes to become stronger. If the wielder ingests or injects their enemy's blood (or liquid essence) into their bodies, they will mutate and become similar to their foe in some way.

    For example, if Invar drinks the blood of a dragon, a number of things might happen. Ingvar could grow scales which would make him harder to hit. He could grow grotesque wings that might allow him to fly. His throat might mutate in such a way that allows him to breathe fire.

    But, there are drawbacks to every mutation. Again, for example, let's go back to those draconic traits. The scales would make Ingvar heavier and slower. The wings might hinder Ingvar's ability to walk. And the throat-mutation would most likely take away his ability to talk.

    Also, these mutations can stack. He could gain several mutations in one life. But, if these mutations are not from similar creatures, that could cause more problems. A mutation from a lion would conflict greatly with a mutation from a dragon. Vice versa, a mutation from a lion might compliment one from a tiger or, even better, another lion.

    And every time that Ingvar dies and comes back, all of his collected mutations are gone and he must gain them back again if he wants them back. Likewise, if Ingvar is far too mutated to operate, he might have to kill himself and reset.

Seulete sui et seulete vueil estre.

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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Megantron on Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:12 pm

Name: K’atya “Kay” Oyenki

Age: 23

Starting Appearance: Click

Starting Location: Lost Ghetto

Biography: Kay was stolen away as an infant by those that called themselves Fae, but bared no resemblance to the fae people presented in lore. Frenison’s Artisanal Enterprises were experts in creating weapons out of people. Kay became Changeling 48-093. Fae hid no secrets from their Changelings about their past. Most infants they stole were the product of low-life parents who would not be able to provide for their children. K’atya was no exception.

She was bred in an environment to help meet her max potential. Nutrition. Exercise. Education. No expense was spared for the Changeling subjects. They nurtured their Changelings using faith in a higher being known as Lilith. Lilith would bless Fae leaders with knowledge regarding where their next Changeling would be and that it was up to Fae to save that Changeling from a life of poverty and distrust. Lilith was Mother to all under Fae. Kay herself felt a very deep and personal connection to Mother, one that has at times gotten her in trouble with Fae leaders. Kay would swear up and down that she received an insight from Mother to carry out specific tasks, but Fae leaders never believed her.

Eventually, Kay learned to keep her mouth shut. During winter and summer solstices, she would spend the night speaking with Mother and Mother referred to Kay as her Blessed One. Lilith spoke to Kay about how Fae had gone corrupt and was no longer on her path that she had set out for them so many years ago.

But on Kay’s first excavation out into the Lost Ghetto--a tradition all Changelings must depart on one their own--she received word from Lilith that the Fae sanctuary had been attacked. No one was spared. Now… she was alone. Alone with Mother at her side.  

Survival Style: Gun Kata - a form of martial arts and gun use. Fae believed that a mix of modern and conventional would prove best for surviving in any kind of situation.  Use this video for reference.

Starting Gene Preference:

  • Lilith's Mark: Never misses a target. By imagining the target in her mind's eye, Kay can shoot from anywhere and it will always reach its target. Fae helped install in each Changeling a gene preference that would fit their chosen survival style.

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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Nexeria on Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:10 am

Name: Salvek "Forge" Correntius

Age: 37

Starting Appearance: CLICK HERE

Starting Location: Lost Ghetto

Biography: During a great pilgrimage across the Ryzenia Dunes, Salvek Correntius - a magnificent blacksmith hailing from the Kraas Reach - and his family became lost in the midst of a horrendous sandstorm. Separated from their caravan, Salvek led his wife and daughter beyond the Veil of Hyphis and stumbled upon the borders of Dongjing. Upon entering the prodigious city, Salvek's family had vanished into ghostly apparitions of their former selves - for they were the Pure - as he was left behind due to the forbidden knowledge buried deep inside his mind.

What is happening? Have I died? What is the hellish place? Correntius wondered as he wandered the vast unknown, following the specters of his family, until he happened upon lost souls such as himself fighting against a plagued beast of a twisted nature. As he watched the men get slaughtered one-by-one, Salvek readied his war hammer and rushed to their aid. After landing a few devastating blows on the creature, the blacksmith was taken off guard when the monster's tail slithered around him before impaling him through the chest. Wounded and bleeding heavily, Correntius attacked the creature with all the force he could muster, sending the beast and himself over an enormous cliff-side, before painfully landing against the monster's rough, scaled belly.

With shattered ribs and broken arms, Salvek forced himself onto his feet before sliding off the beast. After stepping over to its grotesque and slimy maw, Correntius noticed strange rune rooted into the creature's skull. Carefully leaning over the corpse, Salvek lightly pressed both hands against the rune and was met with an immediate jolt of horrifyingly terrible pain as the markings on the beast slithered out of its flesh like serpents before drilling themselves into Salvek's wrists and circling around his arms.

He then fell back upon the ground, praying the pain would subside soon, as he waited to bleed out. In moments of agony that passed, all Salvek could do was pray that he may see his family again someday.

Then he died...

...and then he came back.

In the years that passed after that, Salvek continues to work as a blacksmith in this damned city. Nowadays, many of the Corrupted only know him as "Forge." He realizes the futility of trying to escape the city, and probably wouldn't if he could. As long as his family was trapped in Dongjing, Salvek will never truly find peace until he has seen himself reunited with them.

Survival Style: Being an experienced blacksmith, Salvek has obtained an immense knowledge on all sorts of weapons - of the bladed and blunt variety - giving him quite an advantage in duels against warriors-types. Aside from his arcane fists, he relies on collection of weapons and gadgets such as small daggers, throwing axes, grappling hooks, smoke bombs, and whatever the environment may provide him with.

Starting Gene Preference:

  • The Arcane of Ayrshire: Caused by a mystical artifact engraving markings into Salvek's arms and making them practically indestructible, the blacksmith has been gifted with super-strength. Not only that, the Arcane allows Salvek to form small shields to deflect and block projectiles and provides him with the ability to emit blasts of plasma energy from his hands.

    During a state of immense pain and frustration, the Arcane will shroud his body in a dark-purple aura and send him into a near-unstoppable primal rage. However, the shroud does not make Salvek invincible, it only speeds up his reflexes, enhances the size of his plasma blasts, and increases the force of his overall power.


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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

Post by Thade on Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:51 pm

Name: Sam Diamandis

Age: 32

Starting Appearance:

Starting Location: The Lost Ghetto

Biography: I was born deep within the bowels of that town, Lower Dongjing, they called it. Torn by strife and plague, the exact kind of place good, loving parents like mine tend to settle down after a while. The streets were rough, the food ungodly, and the whole place seemed to reek of sewage and a few too many urinal cakes. It was home.

But time passed and ‘home’ turned into even more of a shithole than it was to begin with. Not that I was complaining. It was good for business.

Ah, now let me tell you about my business. A man’s gotta eat, and with unemployment so high in that part of town, I had to resort to a business model I was less than proud of. I did things no man should have to do, and I did them with a smile.  Or what counted for a smile back then.  

Everything from stolen jewelry to professional hits, I rarely turned down a paying client.  But this, this was a different kind of job.  It had me up and about in the Ghetto, the one place that was worse than my little corner of the city.

Survival Style: Fighting was one thing I tried to avoid, but I always had my trusty revolver at my side. You didn’t wander around Donjing unarmed. On occasion a few perps got a little too close for comfort, but a good square kick to the jaw always dropped ‘em.  Thank the gods my father had the foresight to teach his son a little good old-fashioned kickboxing.

Starting Gene Preference: Genes, love ‘em or hate ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.  My father knew that, where else would I get the ability to see things others miss?  Those tracks in the mud weren't ordinary, and neither was the way the bartender grinned at me when I stopped by the gin joint on 87th. It’s the little things, you see.  I could tell he was lying by the way he tugged at his tie, I could tell those footprints lead to something their owner would rather have kept hidden. It’s the Gumshoe’s Eye, let’s me pick up on the little clues you thought you hid so cleverly. Let’s me connect the dots, no matter how few there are. So don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes, you won’t win.

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City of Perfection Empty Re: City of Perfection

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