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Post by EmotheKing on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:27 pm

An pitch for a sci-fi military RP.

You are a soldier working for a country, Avaria, in the far future of an alternate world. Your homeland is run by a ruthless and religious dictator who believes that every time he conquers a new country it brings closer the “Holy Day”. Your squad was tasked with scouting the border between your country and the one northwest of it, Drachma, to try and gather Intel on its military status. This mission has your squad traveling through a vast mountain range that separates the two powerful countries.
Characters will play as new soldiers fresh out of the academy tasked with joining a group of veterans on a mission. Though on the way an explosion kills the vets and leaves the recruits alone and stranded in a foreign mountain range and out of touch with HQ. The RP starts right after the explosion.
The beginning is a struggle for survival but the characters decisions may lead to them attempting to carrying out the mission they were assigned or turning on their home country in an effort to save the world.
This RP takes place in a world where technology advanced at a fast rate causing the average soldier to have advanced reflexes and abilities while wearing there armor. The only weakness is a microchip covered by a bullet and laser proof panel on the back of the armor that, if damaged, will render the suit useless. Laser and plasma rounds are standard issue but some soldiers prefer the old fashioned, but more reliable, bullets.
Magic is commonplace but takes years to master. Even then it is weak and can only be used for basics such as pyromancy, temporary ethereal shields, and short-ranged telekinesis.

Any suggestions to help the story are welcome.

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